The Director General of State Security The Deputy Director General
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Divisions and Central Directorates
1- Office of the Director General
2- Division of Service & Information
3- Division of Security Affairs
4- Division of Staff Affairs
5- Division of Administrative Affairs
6- Division of Planning & Organization
7- Directorate of Public Administration & Institutions Security
8- Directorate of Inspection and Supervision
9- Central Directorate
10- Directorate of VIP Protection
11- Directorate of Central Investigation
12- Directorate of Military Security
Regional Directorates
1- Beirut Regional Directorate
2- Mount Lebanon Regional Directorate
3- North Regional Directorate
4- Akkar Regional Directorate
5- Beqaa Regional Directorate
6- Baalbeck-El Hermel Regional Directorate
7- South Regional Directorate
8- Nabatiyeh Regional Directorate

Divisions and Central Directorates consists of departments, while Regional Directorates have offices covering its jurisdiction.