The fifth paragraph of the 7th article of the National Defense Law dated 16/09/1983, amended by a legislative decree, no.1, dated 26/09/1984 amended by a legislative decree, no.39, dated 23/03/1985 dictated the establishment of the General Directorate of State Security as the executive agency of the Supreme Council of Defense which is chaired by the President of the Republic, with the purpose of safeguarding Lebanon against external and internal threats.
The Directorate carries out its mandate pursuant to the Lebanese Constitution, aiming to protect the state, and its institutions. It maintains throughout its duties equality before the law among all citizens, protecting personal freedom and human rights, so that no individual would be arrested, or detained except in accordance with the law.

مدوّنة قواعد السلوك

30 Nov 2021

تشكّل هذه المدوّنة مجموعة مبادىء ومعايير إرشادية تهدف إلى ضمان النزاهة، الشفافية والمساءلة في عمل عناصر  More...

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