Major General Tony Saliba

Assignment Period : 15 Mar 2017

Date and Place of Birth: Bteghrine 25/05/1964
Family status: Married
Number of children: 02

Date of enlistment in the service: 19/05/1983


- Baccalaureate in Laboratory Sciences: 1982
- BA in Military Sciences: 1983-1985 (Lebanese Army Martyrs)

  • Attended courses:
  • Surveillance and research at the Institute of Internal Security Forces.
  • Information Analysis and Investment in Germany.
  • Information Analysis in Russia.
  • Criminal Investigation Techniques in China.
  • Crisis Management and Negotiations in Egypt.
  • Protection of Individuals and Important Targets in Russia.
  • Countering Global Terrorism in China.
  • Expertise exchange in China.

  • First Lieutenant as of 01/01/1989
  • Lieutenant as of 06/05/1985
  • Captain as of 30/04/1991    
  • Major as of 01/07/1996
  • Lieutenant-Colonel as of 01/07/2001   
  • Colonel as of 01/07/2005
  • Brigadier General as of 01/07/2012      
  • Major General as of 25/04/2017
Posts at the General Directorate of Internal Security Forces:
  • Jounieh Emergency Detachment – Baabda Emergency Detachment - Jounieh Traffic Detachment - Internal Security Forces training academy - Maritime Joint Operations Room.
  • At the disposal of the Minister of National Defense from 04/1/1991 to 19/10/1992.
  • Appointed at the General Directorate of State Security as of 21/10/1992
Posts at the General Directorate of State Security:

Task force department - Security and Discipline Officer - Head of Investigation department - Head of Baabda regional Office – Assistant officer to the Regional Director of Mount Lebanon Directorate - Head of Internal Security department; Service and Information Division - Director of Beqaa Regional Directorate - Director General's Office - Head of Planning and Organization Division – Director of the Staff Affairs Division.
Awards and honors:
  • Among various tributes, Gen. Saliba received 21 months seniority on April 30, 1991, for the following reason:
“He showed tremendous courage while escorting the Minister of National Defense, whose convoy was heavily bombed.”
Decorations received:
  • Order of National Unity - Dawn of the South
  • Lebanese Order of Merit: Two grades (Third - Second)
  • National Order of the Cedar (Knight)
  • Medal: (Merit)
According to decree no. 365 dated 15/03/2017, Gen. Saliba was appointed Director General of the General Directorate of State Security.

Major General Tony Saliba